Japanese Marine Station: History, current activity and international network

Date and time

Saturday, March 11 13:30-17:30

Room and Link

5236(interpreter room)

Meeting ID867 3511 7185


Kaoru Kubokawa

Time Table

13:30-13:35Kazuo InabaOpening remarks
13:35-13:45Kaoru KubokawaActivities of the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS)
13:45-14:05Gaku KumanoHistory and present of Marine Biological Stations in Japan
14:05-14:25Etsuro YamahaHistory and present status of Japanese Fisheries Research Stations
14:25-14:45Kazuo InabaJAMBIO – Network of Japanese Marine Stations
14:45-15:05Yumiko PatouilletTara-JAMBIO Microplastic Joint Survey
15:05-15:25Michio KondohANEMONE: The eDNA Monitoring Network in Japan
15:25-15:35Coffee break
15:35-16:05Matthew FrostWAMS: international collaboration among marine stations in support of the global ocean agenda
16:05-16:30Tsuyoshi MomoseIntroduction to the French marine stations and the research, education and external services at the Villefranche Marine Institute (IMEV)
16:30-16:55Tomomi TaniResearch and education in the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL)
16:55-17:25Panel Discussion
Marine stations and the global network – How we collaborate and what we can do
17:25-17:30Closing remarks