Prof. Rahul Chopra – PhD Department of the Geophysical Sciences, The University of Chicago, 2010; M.Sc. Geology, University of Bombay, 1999; B.Sc. Geology, University of Bombay. (Minor in Gemmology; Honours work in Geoarcheology), 1997;


Prof. Rahul Chopra is Associate Professor – Environmental Studies; Director of the “Centre for Sustainability, Environment, and Climate Change and received his Doctorate Degree from The University of Chicago; and has a M.Sc. in Geology from University of Bombay; B.Sc. in Geology from University of Bombay. (Minor in Gemmology; Honours work in Geoarcheology);

Prof. Rahul Chopra is the coordinator and co-lead of a global climate change education project of the International Union of Biological Sciences that aims to integrate climate change education in the curriculum across the world. He was the course coordinator and convener of the National Resource Center on Climate Change at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune. He is a member of the Expert Group on COVID-19 in Pune as part of the Pune Knowledge Cluster; Ambassador and Advisor to The Earth Project. He was the former chair of the Centre for Earth and Environment at FLAME University, Pune and was an Associate Professor of Environmental Studies there.

His interests are multidisciplinary and include curriculum development in Earth and Environmental Studies; the use of satellite derived remotely sensed and in-situ data to evaluate our changing environment; historical GIS and the spatial humanities; field based geological and environmental studies, and the use of high resolution chemical analyses instruments and data to study various earth and environmental processes.